2012, China stroller owners melody is it
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   Stories and conjecture about 2012 in 2012, a lot, no one wanted to really enter the end of the world in 2012, such as "2012" movie described,ride on carafter all, people can buy tickets a few.

    In booming China, the stroller industry, 2012 was a year of crisis and hope coexist stroller companies to take advantage of it to a higher level, grasp the bad will be surging networks offensive defeated slowly onto the downhill.

    NetEase January 12, 2012, according to news reports, the 2011 China Internet Industry Annual Conference held yesterday, the vice chairman of the Internet Society of China Gao Xinmin, said at the meeting, according to the China Internet Network Information Center estimated in November last year, the total number of Internet users in China has reached 505 million,children car of which the number of mobile phone users reached 340 million.

    Is not difficult to see that the rapid increase of Internet users increased 80 parents, gradually become the mainstream, and will lead to the 2012 stroller network marketing will be the main theme of the stroller industry, it is like a baby carriage services for children, the service is divided by level , network marketing is a good place for the carriage business services to comprehensive coverage to the whole country, the whole world stroller industry.

    That being the case, as the carriage business or stroller dealer, how should more clearly recognize that theme? As the saying goes, children are innocent, pure and romantic with a popular idiom for "golden couple."
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