The Ninghai production RIDE export Taiwan

Before inspection Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Ningbo Ninghai, Ningbo Goodbaby Child Products Co., Ltd. 400 children tricycle smooth export of Taiwan and Taiwan. Ninghai District stroller Following open up the Korean market for the first time to enter Taiwan.

The stroller industry in a weak position on the branding

The stroller industry in a weak position on the branding, the very lack of experience of brand promotion and operation of the system, they think brand children car strategy is VI design

2012, China stroller owners melody is it

Stories and conjecture about 2012 in 2012, a lot, no one wanted to really enter the end of the world in 2012, such as "2012" movie described,ride on carafter all, people can buy tickets a few.

The European split infant stroller month off nearly two hundred and famous

Daily News (trainee reporter Shao Yi Wen) export to adult pedal cars Europe split infant stroller last month in order to repay 18 to create wealth readers

Clever mother let the child out of the stroller

Residential, parks and other places in the city, some parents often seen pushing a child with a baby carriage, some have learned to walk the 40-year-old metal pedal cars child with a stroller pushing.